Flowering Plants

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Family: Malvaceae
Common name: China rose, Chinese Hibiscus
A plant that’s present in all Asian and Indian gardens, they are also called shoeflowers since the flowers were used to make shoes polishes in olden days. Read more >>

Hibiscus mutabilis

Family: Malvaceae
Common name: Confederate rose, Cotton rose
The fancier cousin of Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis, the shrubby plant grows to about 4 meters with beautiful flowers that change color over the day. Read more >>


Family: Rosaceae
Common name: Rose
My personal favorite and envy of any garden, Roses are loved all over the world. They come in a dizzying array of colors, shapes and sizes, all of them beautifully created. Read more >>

Catharanthus roseus

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Vinca Rosea, Periwinkle, Graveyard plant
A common flower in Indian gardens, Vinca grows well in the wild too. Read more >>


Family: Oleaceae
Common name: Jasmine
The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Jasmine is the fragrance. Read more >>


Family: Araceae
Common name: Anthurium, Tailflower
Anthurium is an ornamental plant famous for the beautiful red, pink or white bracts which are specialized leaves. Read more >>


Family: Verbenaceae
Common name: Lantana
A plant that grows by the roadside in plenty, but acts pricey when planted in a pot in the garden! Read more >>

Mimosa pudica

Family: Fabaceae
Common name: Touch me not, Shy plant, Sleepy plant
You could spend a lot of this time with this pretty plant, teasing and tickling the leaves. Read more >>

Tabernaemontana divaricata

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Pinwheel flower, Crape jasmine
Once you have this pretty plant established in your garden, it needs very little attention. Read more >>


Family: Nyctaginaceae
Common name: Bougainvillea
All hedges should ideally be made of this wonderful plant, that flowers year-round in warm climates. Read more >>

Pentas lanceolata

Family: Rubiaceae
Common name: Pentas, Egyptian star flower, Star cluster
Known to bloom profusely in warm tropical weather, these Eygptian star flowers are a wonderful addition to your garden. Read more >>

Sphagneticola trilobata

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Creeping ox-eye, Wedelia, Trailing daisy
Don’t let the pretty flower fool you. It’s among the world’s 100 worst weeds. Read more >>

Tecoma capensis

Family: Bignoniaceae
Common name: Cape honeysuckle
An unassuming garden plant, Cape honeysuckle can stand in a corner of your garden and keep flowering throughout the year. Read more >>

Zephyranthes candida

Family: Amaryllidaceae
Common name: Autumn zephyrlily, Rain lily
This scraggly plant with its thin unruly leaves looks quite unimpressive, till it bursts into gorgeous white flowers by the dozen. Read more >>


Family: Geraniaceae
Common name: Cranesbill
No garden is complete without bright clusters of gernaniums in deep pink, red or orange. Read more >>

Adenium obesum

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Desert rose, Sabi star, Impala Lily
Who can resist this obese little plant with bulgy stems and root, and beautiful pink flowers? Read more >>

Asystasia gangetica

Family: Acanthaceae
Common name: Chinese violet, Creeping foxglove
A very pretty plant, with pretty flowers; you would never expect it to be classified under invasive plants. Read more >>

Plumeria pudica

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Wild plumeria, Bridal bouquet, Fiddle leaf plumeria
The slim, lanky cousin from Plumeria family, this plant definitely looks like a bridal bouquet. Read more >>

Nerium oleander

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Nerium, Oleander
Oleanders are so widely cultivated all over the world, that there is no proper history of where they come from. Read more >>

Plumeria obtusa

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Frangipani, Temple tree, Singapore graveyard flower
Frangipani or Plumeria can be grown as a short tree, a shrub or a bonsai plant. Read more >>

Canna indica

Family: Cannaceae
Common name: Indian shot, Edible canna
The flaming bright colors of Canna is a beautiful addition to any garden. Read more >>

Hymenocallis littoralis

Family: Amaryllidaceae
Common name: Spider lily
Spider lilies have the most unique looking flowers; a thin membrane cup in the middle surrounded by long white petals, also with long filaments and anther. Read more >>

Impatiens walleriana

Family: Balsaminaceae
Common name: Busy Lizzie, Sultana, Impatiens
A single Busy Lizzie plant can fill up the planting container so beautifully that it will become the pride of your garden. Read more >>

Thunbergia erecta

Family: Acanthaceae
Common name: Bush clockvine, King’s mantle
Growing Bush Clockvine against your garden wall or as a hedge can make your garden very pretty indeed, with their deep violet flowers. Read more >>

Cestrum nocturnum

Family: Solanaceae
Common name: Night blooming jasmine, Queen of the night
Did you know that Night blooming jasmine has one of the strongest fragrances in the world, spreading up to a 500 ft from the plant? Read more >>

Cuphea hyssopifolia

Family: Lythraceae
Common name: False heather, Mexican heather, Elfin herb
If you are looking for a plant that loves blooming throughout the year, False heather is what you want. Read more >>

Allamanda cathartica

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Golden trumpet, Yellow allamanda, Common trumpet vine
Allamanda’s showy yellow flowers are just what you need to give your garden a lift. Read more >>


Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Marigold, French marigold, Mexican marigold
Easiest to grow, easiest to bloom, prettiest among all the flowers in your garden; that’s Marigold for you. Read more >>

Podranea ricasoliana

Family: Bignoniaceae
Common name: Pink trumpet vine, Queen of Sheba trumpet vine
When in bloom, there are very few plants that can beat the beauty and magnificence of the Pink trumpet vine. Read more >>

Jatropha integerrima

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Common name: Peregrina, Spicy jatropha
Peregrina plants can be grown as a shrubs or as small trees in your garden, and it produces pretty red flowers year-round. Read more >>