Thunbergia erecta: Bush clockvine

Family: Acanthaceae
Common name: Bush clockvine, King’s mantle

Growing Bush Clockvine against your garden wall or as a hedge can make your garden look very pretty indeed, with their deep violet flowers. The plant is very sturdy and non-fussy, growing well in most soil conditions and weather. It does need a good amount of sunlight for blooming.

The leaves are very smooth with beautiful wavy edges. The flowers have light green sepals, a white funnel, and deep violet petals with a glowing yellow center. The royal violet-colored petals give it the name ‘King’s mantle’. There is another variant with white flowers as well.

Bush clockvine can flower around the year with the right growing conditions making it an ideal garden plant and a hedge plant. The plant can be pruned into desired shapes though it might affect the blooming when you inadvertently keep removing the stem tips. Occasional fertilization with a phosphorus-rich fertilizer can keep your clockvine blooming and happy.

Propagation is through seeds or stem cuttings.

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