Leafy Plants

Codiaeum variegatum

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Common name: Garden croton, Fire croton, Variegated croton
Known for their striking foliage, there are over 15 varieties of Garden crotons in varied colors and designs. Read more >>

Epipremnum aureum

Family: Araceae
Common name: Golden pothos, Money plant
Commonly known as money plant, this is one of the best indoor plants and can survive in near-zero sunlight. Read more >>


Family: Poaceae
Common name: Bamboo
Bamboo is an ever-green, non-fussy plant that recently moved from the forest to the living room. Read more >>

Schefflera arboricola

Family: Araliaceae
Common name: Dwarf umbrella tree
A common indoor and outdoor plant, dwarf umbrella plants can grow well in moderate sunlight. Read more >>

Furcraea foetida

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Mauritius hemp, Giant Cabuya, False agave
If you need a large center-piece for your garden, Furcraea is what you should go for. Read more >>

Senecio barbertonicus

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Succulent bush senecio, Barberton groundsel
A succulent that brings a lot of character to your garden, bush Senecio is a unique and beautiful plant. Read more >>

Cycas revoluta

Family: Cycadaceae
Common name: Sago palm, King sago, Japanese sago palm
Sago palms look as good as art installations with their spiny, thick stems, and uniformly placed, arching leaves. Read more >>

Chlorophytum comosum

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Spider plant, Spider ivy, Ribbon plant, Airplane plant
Spider plants are a good addition to any garden because of their looks, and ease of growing. Read more >>

Chamaedorea elegans

Family: Arecaceae
Common name: Parlor palm, Neanthe belle palm
Parlor palms are a species of small palm trees, currently the most sold houseplants in the world. Read more >>

Cyperus alternifolius

Family: Cyperaceae
Common name: Umbrella plam, Umbrella papyrus
If you are a gardener who has killed plants, loving them with over-watering, Umbrella palm is what you should go for. Read more >>

Dypsis lutescens

Family: Arecaceae
Common name: Butterfly palm, Areca palm, Yellow palm, Golden cane palm
Another palm that will happily grow inside your house, provided there is some indirect sunlight. Read more >>

Pandanus dubius

Family: Pandanaceae
Common name: Bakong, Pahong, Knob-fruited screwpine
Very closely related to palm plants, this species of Pandanus is very beautiful and unique. Read more >>


Family: Araceae
Common name: Dumb cane
Dumb cane is a very common, non-fussy, pretty little ornamental plant that can be grown successfully indoors or outdoors. Read more >>

Alpinia zerumbet

Family: Zingiberaceae
Common name: Shell ginger, Butterfly ginger, Variegated ginger
Belonging to the same family as Ginger and Turmeric, the leaves of Shell ginger look similar to theirs, but prettier. Read more >>

Syngonium podophyllum

Family: Araceae
Common name: Arrowhead plant, Arrowhead vine, African evergreen
Syngonium is native to the tropical rain forests of America, but is now grown in gardens all over the world. Read more >>

Ophiopogon japonicus

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Dwarf lilytuf, Mondograss, Fountainplant
Dwarf Lilyturf plants look like giant grass and grows to about 25-30 cms, with long slender green or variegated green and white leaves. Read more >>

Coleus scutellarioides

Family: Lamiaceae
Common name: Common coleus, Painted nettle, Coleus blumei
If Petunia flowers can bring color to your garden, here’s another plant that can bring in color to your garden with just their leaves. Read more >>


Family: Araceae
Common name: Chinese evergreens
Very easy to grow and maintain, Chinese evergreen is an amateur gardener’s dream plant. Read more >>

Dracaena trifasciata

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Snake plant, Mother-in-law’s tongue, Saint George’s sword, Viper’s bowstring hemp
There is no other plant with such interesting names that visually describe the features of the plant. Read more >>

Sedum acre

Family: Crassulaceae
Common name: Goldmoss stonecrop, Mossy stonecrop, Goldmoss sedum, Biting stonecrop, Wallpepper
Goldmoss is a low-growing, fast-spreading, succulent that can cover a pot or an area of your garden very quickly. Read more >>

Thaumatophyllum xanadu

Family: Araceae
Common name: Xanadu
Xanadu is a plant that can give your garden the tropical jungle look in a few months. The multi-lobed, thick, glossy green leaves can transform your garden or your house. Read more >>

Hemigraphis alternata

Family: Acanthaceae
Common name: Red ivy, Red flame ivy, Waffle plant, Metal leaf
For beautiful metallic shades in your garden, grow Red ivy plants as green cover. These short shrubs grow to a height of 8-10 inches. Read more >>

Duranta erecta

Family: Verbenaceae
Common name: Golden dewdrop, Pigeon berry, Skyflower
Golden dewdrops are a native of Mexico, but are now garden favorites, because of their greenish-yellow foliage. Read more >>

Acalypha wilkesiana

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Common name: Copperleaf, Jacob’s coat, Firedragon
Copperleaf plants come in a variety of colors, leaf patterns, leaf shape and size, and plant height. Read more >>

Dracaena marginata

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Dragon tree, Madagascar dragon tree
Dracaena is a family of over 100 leafy plants, all of them well-known for their decorative foliage, and easy maintenance. Read more >>

Portulacaria afra

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Dwarf jade plant, Elephant bush, Porkbush, Spekboom
It’s very difficult to imagine that this pretty little plant is a favorite for elephants and hence is called Elephant bush. Read more >>

Dracaena fragrans

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Cornstalk dracaena, Striped dracaena, False Palm
Dracaenas come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, all of them suited for indoors as well as outdoors. Read more >>

Cordyline fruticosa

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Ti plant, Palm lily, Cabbage palm
Ti plants are very common in gardens, grown as ornamental plants for their beautiful red and green foliage. Read more >>

Peperomia obtusifolia

Family: Piperaceae
Common name: Baby rubberplant, Pepper face
Peperomia plants are known for their fleshy, succulent leaves and beautiful foliage, making them ideal for indoors and outdoors. Read more >>

Sedum adolphii

Family: Crassulaceae
Common name: Gold sedum, Golden glow
Gold Sedums are one of the most beautiful and easy-to-grow succulents you can have in your garden. Read more >>