Codiaeum variegatum: Croton

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Common name: Garden Croton, Fire Croton, Variegated Croton

Known for their striking foliage, there are over 15 varieties of Garden crotons in varied colors and designs. The leaves are thick, shiny and leathery; and the flowers are pretty, white and delicate. Depending on the variety, the leaves could be striped, spotted or marbled. These shrubs could grow up to 3 meters and are ideal for indoors or outdoors. If kept indoors, make sure they have adequate sunlight so that the leaves get their glowing colors.

The stems and leaves have a white sap with is poisonous when consumed.

Propagation is mostly through stem cuttings. You could even place the stem cuttings in water for 2-3 weeks, and grow new roots and leaves. A natural rooting hormone like aloe vera gel would help in rooting.