About me

Nancy Seby

Plant enthusiast

I love flowers and plants, have always loved them, envied people with beautiful gardens, stolen plants and seeds from roadsides, dabbled with gardening in my small terrace garden, yelled at worms and bugs, and marveled at flowers.

The plant catalog took shape when Seby, my husband, told me one day in Aug 2020 during breakfast ‘Why don’t you start a plant catalog?’ Though I’m not the most obedient of wives, this suggestion caught my attention and became a mini-obsession. 132 plants and counting, there’s still a long way to go. A long green, flowery, thoroughly-enjoyable way.

If you have enjoyed the information or pictures on this website, please message on the form below. I love meeting other plantheads like me. If you would like to contribute photos to this website, once again, please message me. I will include the photo, give image credits and a link to your website/profile.

Tips to happiness
  • Plant a plant
  • Plant a tree
  • Plant something
  • Spend time with a tree
  • Walk among flowers
  • Talk to flowers