Schefflera arboricola: Dwarf umbrella tree

Family: Araliaceae
Common name: Dwarf umbrella tree

A common indoor and outdoor plant, dwarf umbrella plants can grow well in moderate sunlight. The variegated variety with yellow marbling on the leaves is more popular than the plain green one, since it looks more attractive. One of the interesting features is the palmate leaves with 7-9 leaflets spreading out very gracefully. The plants need very little attention and is ideal for amateur gardeners. But it does not take to over-watering, or extreme shade.

Dwarf umbrella plants could grow to 8-9 meters tall, but can also be maintained as bonsai plants with proper care. The plants produce aerial roots that grow down and develop into weirdly shaped roots giving the plant an ancient look.

Dwarf umbrella tree leaves and stem are poisonous to pets and humans. So makes sure you keep them away from babies and pets. The plants do flower with bunches of yellow flowers, but it’s not frequent.

Propagation is through stem cuttings, which can root in water, and then be replanted.

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