Leafy Plants – 2

Artemisia absinthium

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Wormwood, Grand wormwood, Absinthe, Absinthium, Absinthe wormwood
The silver-white leaves of Wormwood plants makes them a unique ornamental plant for your garden. Read more >>

Rhapis excelsa

Family: Arecaceae
Common name: Broadleaf lady palm, Bamboo palm, Lady palm
A beautiful palm tree that are ideal for indoor spaces, Broadleaf lady palms are cultivated for this very reason. Read more >>

Jacobaea maritima

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Silver ragwort, Dusty miller, Senecio cineraria
Silver ragworts can provide a nice background and contrast to your bright flowers, with their unique silver-white foliage. Read more >>

Tradescantia spathacea

Family: Commelinaceae
Common name: Boatlily, Moses-in-the-cradle, Rhoeo, Three men in a boat, Moses-in-a-basket
Boatlily plants can spread very quickly providing a good groundcover for ledges or corners of your garden. Read more >>

Dracaena reflexa

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Song of India, Song of Jamaica, Pleomele
Song of India plants make amazing indoor or outdoor plants with their beautiful foliage and tenacity. Read more >>

Nephrolepis cordifolia

Family: Nephrolepidaceae
Common name: Fishbone fern, Narrow sword fern, Ladder fern
A beautiful bushy fern commonly seen in gardens, Narrow sword ferns are very hardy and require very little maintenance. Read more >>

Philodendron erubescens

Family: Araceae
Common name: Blushing philodendron, Red-leaf philodendron
If your balcony garden does not get enough sunlight, Blushing philodendron is one plant that you should definitely get. Read more >>

Phymatosorus scolopendria

Family: Polypodiaceae
Common name: Monarch fern, Musk fern, Wart fern, Breadfruit fern
One of the most beautiful ferns you can have in your garden, Monarch ferns take centerstage with their large-lobed, glossy leaves. Read more >>

Nephrolepis exaltata

Family: Nephrolepidaceae
Common name: Boston fern, Sword fern, Wild Boston fern, Boston blue bell fern, Tuber ladder fern
Boston ferns can adorn your gardens, balconies, terraces or pergolas, keeping it green, cool and exotic. Read more >>

Philodendron erubescens

Family: Araceae
Common name: Blushing philodendron, Red-leaf philodendron
If your balcony garden does not get enough sunlight, Blushing philodendron is one plant that you should definitely get. Read more >>

Nephrolepis falcata

Family: Nephrolepidaceae
Common name: Fishtail fern, Fishtail sword fern
Yet another beautiful fern to adorn your indoor and outdoor spaces, Fishtail sword ferns have lovely drooping fronds. Read more >>

Asparagus densiflorus

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Foxtail fern, Asparagus fern, Plume asparagus
Foxtail ferns are beautiful garden plants that grow to a height of 4 feet, with elegant fronds that are used in flower arrangements. Read more >>

Tillandsia usneoides

Family: Bromeliaceae
Common name: Spanish moss, Long moss, Black moss, Grandpa’s beard
No imagery of a haunted, dead forest is complete without thin greyish-green wisps of Spanish moss hanging in clumps from trees and logs. Read more >>

Hydrocotyle umbellata

Family: Araliaceae
Common name: Dollarweed, Marsh pennywort, Water pennywort, Manyflower marsh-pennywort
Beautiful aquatic plants that can grow well in water and in soil, Dollarweeds are preferred as ornamental plants in gardens. Read more >>

Crassula ovata

Family: Crassulaceae
Common name: Jade plant, Lucky plant, Money plant, Money tree
Jade plants are considered lucky, and if you have a beautiful, thriving jade plant, your are indeed lucky, and can make your garden very pretty. Read more >>

Alocasia macrorrhiza

Family: Araceae
Common name: Giant taro, Giant elephant ears, Giant alocasia, Biga
Giant taro plants can transform your garden and give it an exotic, tropical look with their large, green, elephant ear-shaped leaves. Read more >>

Polyscias guilfoylei

Family: Araliaceae
Common name: Geranium aralia, Wild coffee
An ideal candidate for hedge plants, Geranium aralia plants have very thick foliage and can stand very hard pruning to retain desired shapes. Read more >>

Agave stricta

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Hedgehog agave, Hedgehog century plant, Rabo de leon, Century plant, Maguey
These beautiful sea urchin-like succulents growing in your garden will make your garden quite unique and interesting. Read more >>

Beaucarnea recurvata

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Ponytail palm, Elephant’s foot, Bottle palm tree
Beautiful plants that are rugged and masculine towards the lower half, pretty and feminine towards the upper half, Ponytail palms quite unique. Read more >>

Calathea lutea

Family: Marantaceae
Common name: Cigar plant, Havana cigar, Pampano, Cigar calathea, Maranta lutea
If you want to give your garden a tropical look, rows of Cigar plants along the borders is the best idea. Read more >>

Aechmea fasciata

Family: Bromeliaceae
Common name: Urn plant, Vase plant, Silver vase
Urn plants are very beautiful, unique additions to your garden that can live for many years, though offsets from the parent plant. Read more >>

Tradescantia fluminensis

Family: Commelinaceae
Common name: Small leaf spiderwort, Inch plant, Wandering jew, Wandering willie
Small leaf spiderwort plants are ideal plants for hanging baskets in balconies and terrace gardens, falling in cascading green rivulets along the sides. Read more >>

Plectranthus prostratus

Family: Lamiaceae
Common name: Pillow plant, Succulent Swedish ivy, Tangled hearts
If you are looking for the ideal plant to grow in hanging pots and baskets, look no further than the Pillow plant. Read more >>

Vernonia Elaeagnifolia

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Curtain creeper, Vernonia creeper, Parda bel
Curtain creeper vines falling over walls, terrace areas, trellises or simple supporting structures can make your garden very unique. Read more >>

Pogonatherum paniceum

Family: Poaceae
Common name: Dwarf bamboo, Baby panda grass, Baby bamboo, Baby panda plant, Pygmy bamboo, Miniature bamboo, Mini bamboo
Dwarf bamboo plants are commonly seen in gardens along borders, hedges, rock gardens, and water bodies. Read more >>

Artemisia abrotanum

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Southernwood, Lad’s love, Southern wormwood, Old man, Boy’s love, Garderobe
A simple, unassuming plant that grows easily in the garden without any fuss, Southernwood plants have so many uses in the kitchen and around the house. Read more >>

Equisetum hyemale

Family: Equisetaceae
Common name: Rough horsetail, Scouring rush, Scouringrush horsetail, Horsetail, Canuela
If you have a thin strip of land near your garden wall, or inside your house that you want to decorate, there is no better plant than Rough horsetail. Read more >>

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

Family: Crassulaceae
Common name: Paddle plant, Flapjacks, Flapjack paddle plant, Red pancake, Dog tongue, Plakkie
Paddle plants are one of the most beautiful succulents you can have in your garden or indoors near a sunny window. Read more >>

Curio radicans

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: String of bananas, Necklace plant, String of fishhooks, Creeping berry, Banana vine
String of bananas is a beautiful, non-fussy succulent that is ideal for hanging pots and baskets, because of their long trailing stems and banana-like leaves. Read more >>

Tradescantia zebrina

Family: Commelinaceae
Common name: Wandering jew, Inch plant
There are very few garden plants with such beautiful leaf color, purple with silver lines that look their best in bright sunlight. Read more >>

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