Sedum acre: Goldmoss stonecrop

Family: Crassulaceae
Common name: Goldmoss stonecrop, Mossy stonecrop, Goldmoss sedum, Biting stonecrop, Wallpepper

Goldmoss is a low-growing, fast-spreading, succulent that can cover a pot or an area of your garden very quickly with a mat of dark green leaves. They only grow to a height of 2-3 inches, but spreads horizontally hanging over the edge of pots, making them good hanging plants. They are very hardy and needs very little maintenance. They can grow in shallow pots since the roots don’t go very deep.

As with any other succulent, watering should be strictly controlled so that the plants don’t rot. During rainy season, you can just ignore them without watering for weeks.

Goldmoss stems are short, forming small rosettes of leaves all over, till the blooming season. During July-August, the stems grow longer and produce small, yellow, star-shaped flowers with 5 distinct petals and prominent stamens.

They look like moss and can grow on rocks with very little soil on them. If you need ground cover for an area with very shallow soil, goldmoss is the answer. They can withstand harsh sun, or partial shade and is suitable for almost any spot in your garden, sunny or shady. They are also good to grow between paving stones providing beautiful green borders. Goldmoss plants are edible, and can be eaten raw when they are young.

The name ‘Acre’ means bitterness, since the leaves have a bitter taste. They are used in moderation as flavoring in cooking, and should not be consumed in excess. Goldmoss leaves are used in treatment of burns, wounds, warts, mouth ulcers, even eczema. The plants is also used in relieving cough and high blood pressure.

Propagation is from stem cuttings, which root readily. They can also be grown from seeds, though it is more difficult.

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