Furcraea foetida: Mauritius hemp

Family: Asparagaceae
Common name: Mauritius hemp, Giant Cabuya, False agave

If you need a large center-piece for your garden, Furcraea is what you should go for. This sculpture-looking plant can cover an entire pot or an entire area with its rosette structure, that can grow to a height of 1-2 meters, and have a spread of 1-2 meters. The leaves are long, sword-like and could be green or striated, with a pointy end.

Furcraea plant does not have thorns, making it ideal for hedges or medians. It’s inherently a succulent plant and needs very little water and maintenance.

Furcraea does bloom, but only after 10-12 years with a single long flower spike that could be up to 7 meters tall, with bell shaped flowers. After blooming, the mother plant dies. But new plants can grow from small bulbils that form on the flowers.

Propagation is from seeds or bulbils. The plant may produce some suckers, which can be replanted.

Photo Courtesy: love4gardening.com

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