Wild Plants – 3

Cucumis maderaspatanus

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Common name: Madras pea pumpkin, Rough bryony, Mukkapiri, Bristly bryony, Mukia maderaspatana
Madras pea pumpkins are trailing or climbing plants that are seen commonly in the wild, though it also has many medicinal properties. Read more >>

Scaevola taccada

Family: Goodeniaceae
Common name: Beach naupaka, Beach cabbage, Sea lettuce, Hawaiian half flower, Naupaka kahakai, Fanflower, Half flower
Beach naupaka plants are mostly found of beaches forming large clumps of shrubs that can grow upto 4 meters high. Read more >>

Bonnaya ciliata

Family: Linderniaceae
Common name: Fringed Lindernia, Fringed false pimpernel
Fringed Lindernia plants are very commonly seen in the wild in tropical countries, but often unnoticed since they are really small. Read more >>

Mikania micrantha

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Bittervine, Chinese creeper, Climbing hemp vine, Mikania vine, Mile-a-minute vine
Bittervines are quite notorious in tropical countries, climbing on to walls, gates, trees, and other surrounding vegetation growing very very quickly. Read more >>

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