Wild Plants – 3

Cucumis maderaspatanus

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Common name: Madras pea pumpkin, Rough bryony, Mukkapiri, Bristly bryony, Mukia maderaspatana
Madras pea pumpkins are trailing or climbing plants that are seen commonly in the wild, though it also has many medicinal properties. Read more >>

Scaevola taccada

Family: Goodeniaceae
Common name: Beach naupaka, Beach cabbage, Sea lettuce, Hawaiian half flower, Naupaka kahakai, Fanflower, Half flower
Beach naupaka plants are mostly found of beaches forming large clumps of shrubs that can grow upto 4 meters high. Read more >>

Bonnaya ciliata

Family: Linderniaceae
Common name: Fringed Lindernia, Fringed false pimpernel
Fringed Lindernia plants are very commonly seen in the wild in tropical countries, but often unnoticed since they are really small. Read more >>

Mikania micrantha

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Bittervine, Chinese creeper, Climbing hemp vine, Mikania vine, Mile-a-minute vine
Bittervines are quite notorious in tropical countries, climbing on to walls, gates, trees, and other surrounding vegetation growing very very quickly. Read more >>

Cyperus javanicus

Family: Cyperaceae
Common name: Javanese flatsedge
Javanese flatsedge plants are very commonly seen near canals, lakes, rivers, and wet marshy areas growing as thick, tufty bushes with long, blade-like leaves that are sharp along the edges. Read more >>

Axonopus compressus

Family: Poaceae
Common name: Broadleaf carpetgrass, Carpet grass, Tropical carpet grass, Flat joint grass, Blanket grass
Broadleaf carpet grass is a creeping, stoloniferous grass that forms dense mats, sometimes used as cheap substitutes for lawn grass. Read more >>

Pouzolzia zeylanica

Family: Urticaceae
Common name: Graceful Pouzolz’s bush
Graceful Pouzolz’s bushes are very commonly seen in the wild in tropical countries, growing to a height of 20-40 cm with an erect stem and dark green leaves. Read more >>

Murdannia pauciflora

Family: Commelinaceae
Common name: Few flowered dew flower
Few flowered dew flowers are very pretty, growing abundantly in the wild with peach-orange flowers blooming aplenty during the rainy season. Read more >>

Ipomoea pes-caprae

Family: Convolvulaceae
Common name: Beach morning glory, Goat’s foot, Bayhops, Railroad vine, Hare leaf, Sea morning glory
Beach morning glory plants are seen on sea coasts in Asia, Australia, and South America covering large areas on sandy beaches, producing lavender flowers. Read more >>

Oldenlandia corymbosa

Family: Rubaiceae
Common name: Flat-top mille graines, Diamond flower, Old world diamond-flower, Wild chayroot
Flat-top mille graines is a small, creeping herb seen very commonly in the wild with tiny white flowers having diamond shaped petals. Read more >>

Clerodendrum indicum

Family: Verbenaceae
Common name: Tubeflower, Sky rocket, Bowing lady, Turk’s turban, Indian tubeflower
Tubeflower plants are small shrubs that grow vigorously reaching a height of about 3 m, commonly seen in the wild. Read more >>

Cyperus rotundus

Family: Cyperaceae
Common name: Nut grass, Coco grass, Java grass, Purple nutsedge, Red nutsedge, Purple nut sedge
Nut grass is a colony-forming perennial plant, a widely distributed weed that can be found in various continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. Read more >>

Ipomoea staphylina

Family: Convolvulaceae
Common name: Clustered morning glory, Lesser glory, Irula, Ugina kodi, Sunang kodi, Onaan kodi
Clustered morning glory plants are seen in a wild, a common plant in the Ipomoea family of beautiful, bright morning glory flowers. Read more >>

Schoenoplectus subulatus

Family: Cyperaceae
Common name: Awl club-rush
Awl club-rushes belong to a large family of soft-stemmed, grass-like reedy perennials found all over the world in wet, marshy, or water-logged areas. Read more >>

Heliotropium indicum

Family: Boraginaceae
Common name: Indian heliotrope, Indian turnsole
Indian heliotrope is a very common weed with a uniquely curved arrangement of small white flowers, commonly seen on roadsides, open areas, and waste lands. Read more >>

Calotropis procera

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Apple of Sodom, Milkweed, Sodom’s apple, King’s crown, Dead sea apple, Rubber bush
Apple of Sodom is a perennial shrubs that produce the most beautiful deep pink and white flowers that look like a crown, giving the plant its name King’s crown. Read more >>

Megathyrsus maximus

Family: Poaceae
Common name: Guinea grass, Green panic grass, Guineagrass, Tanganyika grass, Buffalograss
Guinea grass is a robust perennial grass species native to Africa but has been introduced to various regions around the world due to its excellent forage and soil erosion control properties. Read more >>

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