Peperomia obtusifolia: Baby rubberplant

Family: Piperaceae
Common name: Baby rubberplant, Pepper face

Peperomia plants are known for their fleshy, succulent leaves and beautiful foliage, making them ideal for indoors and outdoors. Baby rubber plants can thrive indoors with a little indirect sunlight. They look very pretty on windowsills, desks, office spaces, living room center tables etc. though you might need to keep them outdoors for a few days every month to retain their leaf color.

They need very little water and fertilization, endearing them to amateur gardeners. They can grow to a height of about 1 foot, but most houseplants will only grow 4-6 inches tall. Leaves are glossy, dark green with a blunt tip, which gives the plant the name Obtusifolia.

There is a variant with variegated leaves as well, having streaks of white and yellow, on the green leaves. These variegated plants need good sunlight for the colors to show well.

Wilting of leaves could be due to underwatering or overwatering, and care should be taken to water them only when the top soil is dry. Their fleshy stems and leaves can store water, helping the plant survive without water for many days.

The leaves can also given an indication of the water requirement of the plant, by shriveling a little when underwatered; and becoming waxy and plump when the watering is just right. Baby rubberplants are not toxic, and are safe to have in houses with little children or pets.

Good pruning will keep the plant bushy and beautiful, since tall stems might make the plant look spindly. The pruned stems can be planted separately to grow new baby rubber plants. Baby rubberplants also produce small white flowers that look like tiny candles, but they are quite inconspicuous compared to the beautiful foliage.

Propagation is from stem cuttings.

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