Family: Geraniaceae
Common name: Cranesbill, Geraniums

No garden is complete without bright clusters of Geranium flowers in pink, deep pink, red or orange. There are over 422 species of Geraniums that grow as annuals, biennials or perennials mainly in temperate regions. The plants have distinct palmate, cleft leaves that crowd and fill the pot in healthy plants. Geranium flowers are 5-petaled, growing in clusters, in shades of pink, white, peach, orange, red, magenta and even violet.

Geraniums need full sunlight for 5-6 hours and do not thrive as indoor plants. Provide occasional fertilization and well-drained soil to grow healthy plants. These plants look very pretty in hanging baskets attached to the ceiling or hooked to balcony railings. Geranium leaves are good indicators of the health of plant, with the leaves turning yellow or brown in a distressed plant.

Propagation is from stem cuttings and from seeds.

Photo Courtesy: Rohini Nanaiah

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