Family: Araceae
Common name: Anthurium, Tailflower

Anthurium is an ornamental plant seen in most gardens; famous for the beautiful red, pink or white bracts, which are specialized leaves. The actual flowers are on the spadix or the elongated, tubular structure that projects out from the top of these bracts. There are over 1000 species of anthuriums, primarily varying in the color of the spathe or bract.

Anthurium plants are hardy and need very little water and sunlight. They make good indoor plants since they do not like harsh, direct sunlight, but nor do they like too much shade. Make sure you water them only after the soil dries out well.

Anthuriums are epiphytes, and can grow on trees or on other plants. They absorb moisture and nutrition through the roots that are seen above the surface of the soil. So it’s better to water indoor anthuriums using a sprayer. Fertilizers rich in Phosphorus can promote blooming.

Propagation can be done by splitting a plant at the roots, but be careful to do it gently after you plant has a root base that big enough to be split.

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Photo Courtesy: Tabitha Turner, Jeffrey Hamilton, love4gardening