Impatiens walleriana: Busy lizzie

Family: Balsaminaceae
Common name: Busy Lizzie, Sultana, Impatiens

A single Busy Lizzie plant can fill up the planting container so beautifully that it will become the pride of your garden. These succulent plants need good amount of care, sunlight and nutrients to bloom well. Leaves, stem and flowers are soft and succulent and could be damaged easily with over-watering or non-ideal growing conditions. But once the plant is settled, it will be set aflame with flowers that range in color from white, pink, orange, red, magenta, or even mixed colors like white and pink, or pink and magenta.

Busy Lizzie plants are annual and will wilt away after few rounds of profuse blooming. But the beauty of the plant makes all your effort worthwhile. There are many cultivars of this plant, Super Elfin being one of the most popular ones. So don’t forget to get yourself a beautiful Busy Lizzie plant on your next visit to the plant nursery.

Propagation is from seeds or stem cuttings, which need to be kept in water for couple of days till they develop roots.

Image credits: Rajeev Nair, love4gardening

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