Flowering Plants – 3

Justicia brandegeeana

Family: Acanthaceae
Common name: Shrimp plant, Mexican shrimp plant, False hop
There are many species called Shrimp plants, but Justicia Brandegeeana is the closest in terms of color and shape to shrimps. Read more >>

Acalypha hispida

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Common name: Chenille plant, Red hot cat’s tail, Fox tail
If you’ve grown up in the tropics, it is unlikely that you have not seen this beautiful plant with its long pendulous flowers. Read more >>

Cosmos sulphureus

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Sulphur cosmos, Yellow cosmos
It is impossible not to love these beautiful Cosmos plants with dainty yellow flowers, that bloom in abundance. Read more >>

Tristellateia australasiae

Family: Malpighiaceae
Common name: Gold vine, Australian gold vine, Galphimia vine
A beautiful climber with bunches of glowing yellow flowers, Gold vines are perfect for garden trellis or arches. Read more >>

Pachystachys lutea

Family: Acanthaceae
Common name: Golden shrimp plant, Lollipop plant, Golden candle
A beautiful shrub that flowers throughout the year, Golden Shrimp plants are the perfect addition to your garden. Read more >>

Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Mexican flamevine, Orange glow vine, Senecio confusus
Yet another beautiful climber to set your garden on fire, Mexican flamevines are known for their beautiful orange-red flowers. Read more >>

Begonia semperflorens

Family: Begoniaceae
Common name: Begonia, Wax begonia, Clubbed begonia, Bedding begonia
Semperflorens means ‘ever flowering’ and that will give you an idea why Begonias are essential for your garden. Read more >>

Euphorbia pulcherrima

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Common name: Poinsettia, Christmas flower
As I am writing this in December 2020, nurseries, altar and malls are decorated with bright red Poinsettia flowers that bloom in winter. Read more >>

Tibouchina urvilleana

Family: Melastomataceae
Common name: Princess flower, Glory bush, Lasiandra
Princess flower plants are a beautiful addition to your garden as centerpieces, hedges or for filling a large pot with deep purple blooms. Read more >>

Russelia equisetiformis

Family: Plantaginaceae
Common name: Fountain bush, Firecracker plants, Coral plant, Coral fountain, Fountain plant
Russelia or Fountain bush is a beautiful ornamental plant for your garden, with these beautiful, drooping branches filled with bright, red flowers. Read more >>

Achetaria azurea

Family: Plantaginaceae
Common name: Brazilian snapdragon, Amazon blue
Brazilian snapdragon is a native of Brazil, but is now grown as an ornamental plant all over the world, especially in warm, tropical weather. Read more >>

Portulaca grandiflora

Family: Portulacaceae
Common name: Moss rose, Sun rose, Rose moss, Sun rose, Eleven o’clock, Rock rose
It is difficult not to fall in love with these beautiful Moss roses, that grow and bloom profusely without any special attention. Read more >>

Sanchezia speciosa

Family: Acanthaceae
Common name: Shrubby whitevein, Gold vein plant, Zebra plant, Yellow Sanchezia
The name suits this beautiful plant really well, it is shrubby and it has white veins forming unique patterns on its leaves. Read more >>

Gomphrena globosa

Family: Amaranthaceae
Common name: Globe amaranth, Makhmali, Bachelor’s buttons, Vadamalli
It’s difficult not to fall in love with these gumball like magenta flowers, and the sturdy little plants producing them. Read more >>

Jatropha podagrica

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Common name: Buddha belly plant, Coral plant, Gout plant, Bottleplant shrub, Bottle plant, Purging-nut
The name Buddha belly plant suits that uniquely beautiful, because of its swollen base or caudex. Read more >>

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis

Family: Verbenaceae
Common name: Blue porterweed, Blue snake weed, Brazilian tea
A beautiful, little, shrubby plant that was considered a weed, but is now grown as ornamental plants in garden, Blue porterweeds have other uses as well. Read more >>

Callistephus chinensis

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: China aster, Chinese aster, Annual aster
China aster flowers growing in bunches is quite a sight to see, filling your garden with brightly-colored flowers and butterflies. Read more >>

Mesembryanthemum cordifolium

Family: Aizoaceae
Common name: Baby sun rose, Red Aptenia, Aptenia, Heartleaf iceplant,
If you are looking for flowering plants for hanging pots or baskets in your garden, look no further than Baby sun rose plants. Read more >>


Family: Nymphaeaceae
Common name: Water lily, Waterlily, Pond lily
Water lilies are one of the most beautiful of God’s creations, and one of the most researched plants due to their simple flower structure similar to the earliest flowering plants. Read more >>

Ipomoea quamoclit

Family: Convolvulaceae
Common name: Cypress vine, Cypressvine morning glory, Red cypress vine, Star glory
The star of the Ipomoea family, these beautiful Cypress vine plants produce star-shaped flowers in red, pink or white. Read more >>

Vallaris solanacea

Family: Apocynaceae
Common name: Bread flower, Vishappala, Dudhi ki bel
Bread flower plant in bloom is very beautiful indeed with clusters of creamish-white, cup-shaped flowers, adorning the whole plant. Read more >>

Senecio flaccidus

Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Threadleaf ragwort, Bush senecio, Creek senecio
A small, fast-growing plant that is seen in dry, gravelly, sandy areas; Threadleaf ragwort plants bloom profusely with bright yellow flowers covering the plant. Read more >>

Costus woodsonii

Family: Costaceae
Common name: Red button ginger, Indian head ginger, Spiral ginger, Red button costus
Red button ginger plant in bloom looks like it has tiny red missiles ready for launch, positioned on stems all over the plant. Read more >>


Family: Iridaceae
Common name: Gladiolus, Glads, Sword lily, Common gladiolus
Gladiolus flowers in flowers arrangement look too exotic and expensive to be grown in gardens, but they are quite easy to grow. Read more >>


Family: Liliaceae
Common name: Tulips
Nothing says winter like the beautiful bluish-green leaves growing out of the ground all of a sudden, and the bright, lovely tulip flowers. Read more >>

Episcia cupreata

Family: Gesneriaceae
Common name: Flame violet, Episcia
Flame violet plants are easy to grow and propagate in home gardens, once your figure out not to fuss over them too much. Read more >>

Hymenocallis caribaea ‘variegata’

Family: Amaryllidaceae
Common name: Variegated spider-lily, Caribbean spider-lily
Variegated spider lily plants are beautiful additions to your garden with their thick, glossy, leaves, and striking white flowers. Read more >>

Dianella ensifolia

Family: Asphodelaceae
Common name: Dianella lily, Umbrella Dracaena, Common Dianella, Flax Lily, Sword-leaf Dracaena, Cerulean Flax-lily
A small herb that has a short, much, branched stem Dianella lilies are grown as ornamental plants in garden across the world. Read more >>

Salvia splendens

Family: Lamiaceae
Common name: Scarlet sage, Scarlet salvia, Red salvia
No garden can be called complete without these beautiful Scarlet sage plants, and their spikes of blood-red, tubular flowers. Read more >>

Mansoa alliacea

Family: Bignoniaceae
Common name: Garlic vine, False garlic, Garlic creeper
Garlic vines are beautiful garden plants that can climb on trellises, fences, supporting structures, or the surrounding vegetation, producing beautiful lavender flowers. Read more >>

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