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Samanea saman

Family: Fabaceae
Common name: Rain tree, Saman, Monkeypod, Five o’clock tree, Cow tamarind, East Indian walnut
One of the most beautiful shade trees, Rain trees can spread over large areas with heavily branched stems bearing beautiful pink flowers. Read more >>

Areca catechu

Family: Arecaceae
Common name: Arecanut palm, Areca nut palms, Areca nut tree, Areca palm, Betel palm
Arecanut palms are very common in the Southern states of India, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu, especially along coastal areas. Read more >>

Platycladus orientalis

Family: Cupressaceae
Common name: Oriental arborvitae, Chinese arborvitae, Book leaf pine, Oriental thuja, Chinese thuja, Biota
An evergreen tree with dense, beautiful foliage, Oriental arborvitae make beautiful centerpieces for your garden. Read more >>

Albizia odoratissima

Family: Fabaceae
Common name: Black siris, Ceylon rosewood, Fragrant albizia, Kala siris, Fragrant black siris
Black siris trees are good shade trees for gardens, parks, lakeshores, roadsides, and agricultural land since they are fast-growing. Read more >>

Grewia asiatica

Family: Malvaceae
Common name: Phalsa, Falsa, Grewia, Phassa
Though Phalsa trees are commonly seen in the wild, it has many culinary as well as medicinal uses, especially in India. Read more >>

Filicium decipiens

Family: Sapindaceae
Common name: Fern tree, Japanese fern tree, Ferntree, Fern leaf tree, Pihimbiya, Thika palm, Soapberry
An obedient, non-fussy tree with a well-rounded crown, Fern trees are ideal trees for your gardens and landscaped areas. Read more >>

Moringa oleifera

Family: Moringaceae
Common name: Drumstick tree, Moringa, Horseradish tree, Ben oil tree, Benzolive tree, Miracle tree
Drumstick tree is also called the miracle tree because all parts of this tree are nutrient-rich, and it is an easy source of protein and calcium for the poor. Read more >>

Magnolia champaca

Family: Magnoliaceae
Common name: Champak, Chembakam, Champa, Golden champa, Joy perfume tree
A single Champak tree can spread its heady, heavenly perfume over large areas, for many months during its flowering season. Read more >>

Ficus lyrata

Family: Moraceae
Common name: Fiddle leaf fig, Banjo leaf, Banyan fig tree
A very popular houseplant from Pinterest, home design, and interiors magazines, Fiddle leaf fig plants grew over the past 10 years. Read more >>

Hibiscus tiliaceus

Family: Malvaceae
Common name: Sea hibiscus, Beach hibiscus, Coastal hibiscus, Coastal cottonwood, Native hibiscus
A beautiful spreading tree with heart-shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers, Sea hibiscus is seen all over India especially in coastal areas. Read more >>

Annona squamosa

Family: Annonaceae
Common name: Sugar-apple, Sweetsop, Custard apple
It’s a joyful thing to squeeze open a Sugar-apple or Custard apple, to see the aromatic, white segments of fruits beautifully arranged inside. Read more >>

Morus alba

Family: Moraceae
Common name: White mulberry, Common mulberry, Russian mulberry, Silkworm mulberry
A medium-sized, heavily branched tree with long drooping stems, Mulberry trees are mainly used to provide leaves for silkworms. Read more >>

Phyllanthus emblica

Family: Phyllanthaceae
Common name: Gooseberry, Indian gooseberry, Emblic, Amla, Malacca tree, Amalaki
Known as the tree of God Vishnu according to Indian mythology, Gooseberry trees are valued for their nutritious, versatile fruits that are commonly available in India. Read more >>

Cyrtostachys renda

Family: Arecaceae
Common name: Lipstick palm, Red wax sealing palm, Red palm, Rajah palm, Sealing wax palm
Lipstick palms are without question one of the most beautiful palm trees you can have in your garden, with their bright red trunks. Read more >>

Ficus ingens

Family: Moraceae
Common name: Red-leaved fig, Red-leaved rock fig
Red-leaved figs are small trees reaching a height of 10-18 meters growing on rocky terrains, hillsides, and in dense forests. Read more >>

Swietenia mahagoni

Family: Meliaceae
Common name: Mahogany, American mahogany, Small-leaved mahogany, West Indian mahogany
One of the largest and most popular trees that are used to make furniture, Mahogany is commonly seen in India in home gardens, landscaped areas, and roadsides. Read more >>

Ficus triangularis variegata

Family: Moraceae
Common name: Triangle ficus, Natal fig
One of the less-fussy Ficus with beautiul green and yellow leaves in a unique cut-shape, these trees can be grown indoors or outdoors. Read more >>

Tectona grandis

Family: Lamiaceae
Common name: Teak , Teak tree
Tall, majestic, grandfather teak trees are a common sight in India, especially in the South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu. Read more >>

Myristica fragrans

Family: Myristicaceae
Common name: Nutmeg, True nutmeg, Fragrant nutmeg
Nutmeg trees are seen very commonly in Kerala, the southernmost state of India, considered to be the spice capital of the world in olden days. Read more >>

Pimenta dioica

Family: Myrtaceae
Common name: Allspice, Myrtle pepper, Jamaica pepper, Pimenta, Pimento, Sarva sugandhi
If you need a gentle heat and warmth for your dishes, but not the intense spice of chilies or masala, Allspice leaves are what you should go for. Read more >>

Cassia javanica

Family: Fabaceae
Common name: Pink shower tree, Apple blossom tree, Java cassia, Pink cassia, Rainbow shower tree
Once you see the Pink shower tree in bloom, it is difficult not to fall in love with its elegance and awesomeness. Read more >>

Morinda citrifolia

Family: Rubiaceae
Common name: Great morinda, Noni, Indian mulberry, Vomit fruit, Beach mulberry, Cheese fruit
Great morinda are widely cultivated in Asian countries, because of the fruit’s nutritional qualities, medicinal properties, and commercial value. Read more >>

Ochna serrulata

Family: Ochnaceae
Common name: Mickey mouse plant, Mickey mouse bush, Small-leaved plane, Carnival ochna, Bird’s eye bush
Mickey mouse plants are grown in home gardens as ornamental plants, growing to a height of 6 meters, flowering profused during spring and summer. Read more >>

Butea monosperma

Family: Fabaceae
Common name: Flame of the forest, Palash, Bastard teak, Butea gum, Flame of forest, Forest flame, Dhak, Parrot tree, Bengal kino, Palas tree
Flame of the forest tree, belonging to the family of Fabaceae sets the forest on fire when it blooms with bright orange-red flowers. Read more >>

Averrhoa carambola

Family: Oxalidaceae
Common name: Star fruit, Five-corner, Carambola
Star fruit tree is a small tropical tree that bears yellowish-green, star-shaped fruits almost through the year. Read more >>

Ficus racemosa

Family: Moraceae
Common name: Cluster fig, Country fig, Gular fig, Red river fig, Gular
Cluster figs are large deciduous trees that grow up to 30 meters tall, with a trunk diameter of up to 3 meters with large buttresses all around as the tree grows older. Read more >>

Ficus benghalensis

Family: Moraceae
Common name: Banyan tree, Banyan, Indian banyan, Banyan fig, Bengal fig, Bengal bodhi tree, Barh
Banyan tree is native to the Indian sub-continent, a majestic and iconic tree growing up to 30 meters with a large, spreading crown and glossy green leaves. Read more >>

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Family: Bignoniaceae
Common name: Jacaranda, Blue jacaranda, Black poui, Neeli gulmohar, Nupur, Fern tree
Jacarandas are stunningly beautiful flowering trees that have gained popularity worldwide due to their vibrant purple-blue flowers and graceful form. Read more >>

Couroupita guianensis

Family: Lecythidaceae
Common name: Cannonball tree, Nagalinga
Cannonball tree is a fascinating tree native to the tropical regions of Central and South America, popular because of their beautiful pink- yellow flowers, and large, brown, cannonball-like fruits. Read more >>

Dalbergia sissoo

Family: Fabaceae
Common name: Sheesham, Shisham, North Indian rosewood, Indian rosewood, Sissoo
Sheesham is a short, sturdy tree extensively used in India for its timber, in making furniture, cabinets, musical instruments, and floorboards. Read more >>

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