Cyanotis arachnoidea: Grass of the dew

Family: Commelinaceae
Common name: Grass of the dew, White grass of the dew

Grass of the dew is a small creeping perennial plant with slender long leaves and beautiful violet flowers, usually found in the wild. The plant only grows to a height of 2-4 inches off the ground but can spread horizontally through their long stems. Leaves are thick, covered with long white hairs, and is about 3-8 cms long.

The flowers are the most remarkable feature of the Grass of the dew plant. From a distance, they look like little violet flowers, but when you go closer, you can see the small tufts of violet hair with prominent yellow stamens dotting the violet.

Flowers are densely packed on an interestingly fused sepal structure that looks like a decorated boat. Grass of the dew petals are blue or white in color and almost invisible below the long filaments of stamens, which are the small tufts. They later produce small oblong capsules with tiny black seeds.

Grass of the dew plants are said to be a very rich source of Ecdysteroids, body-strengthening agents that are present in much smaller quantities in spinach. The roots of this plant is used in promoting better blood circulation, and as a muscle and joint relaxant.

Propagation is from stem cuttings and seeds.

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