Vegetables – 2

Passiflora edulis

Family: Passifloraceae
Common name: Passion fruit, Passion fruit vine, Passion flower, Purple granadilla
Interestingly, the name Passion fruit has nothing to do with passion, it comes from the Latin name Passiflora that stands for a family of tendril-forming evergreen climbers. Read more >>

Brassica nigra

Family: Brassicaceae
Common name: Black mustard, Rai, Kaduku
Mustard seeds are so common in the Indian kitchen that curries are incomplete without a ‘tadka’ of popped mustard seeds, red chillies, and curry leaves. Read more >>

Basella alba

Family: Basellaceae
Common name: Malabar spinach, Indian spinach, Ceylon spinach, Country spinach
A beautiful vine that can reach a height of over 10 meters, Malabar spinach is grown in gardens as leafy vegetables and ornamental plants. Read more >>