Vegetables – 2

Passiflora edulis

Family: Passifloraceae
Common name: Passion fruit, Passion fruit vine, Passion flower, Purple granadilla
Interestingly, the name Passion fruit has nothing to do with passion, it comes from the Latin name Passiflora that stands for a family of tendril-forming evergreen climbers. Read more >>

Brassica nigra

Family: Brassicaceae
Common name: Black mustard, Rai, Kaduku
Mustard seeds are so common in the Indian kitchen that curries are incomplete without a ‘tadka’ of popped mustard seeds, red chillies, and curry leaves. Read more >>

Basella alba

Family: Basellaceae
Common name: Malabar spinach, Indian spinach, Ceylon spinach, Country spinach
A beautiful vine that can reach a height of over 10 meters, Malabar spinach is grown in gardens as leafy vegetables and ornamental plants. Read more >>

Fragaria vesca

Family: Rosaceae
Common name: Woodland strawberry, Wild strawberry, Alpine strawberry, Alpine Strawberry, California Strawberry
Native to the cool, temperate countries of the Northern hemisphere, Woodland strawberries are also grown in gardens in South India for their fruits. Read more >>